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About us


3D design and manufacturing,
towards industry 5.0

From CAD design to reverse engineering, from 3D modeling to 3D printing, through topological optimization, our consultants will guide you in choosing the most suitable, and above all convenient, solutions for each sector.

  • Different technologies

    Filament 3D printing, photopolymerization of resins, laser sintering of powders.

  • Range of materials

    Wide portfolio of materials with different thermal and mechanical characteristics, for every application.

  • 3D software

    We use the best 3D modeling software to overcome design limitations.

  • Multiple sectors

    We are sure we can help you. There is a new application to discover for every business sector.

Our services

Our experience and our 3D technologies
serving your business

Additive manufacturing

3D printing with filament, resin or powder technologies. Debinding&Sintering service.

Scansione 3D

3D scanning, measurement, model reconstruction and reverse engineering service.

Design generativo, ottimizzazione topologica

3D modeling with Autodesk Fusion 360, Siemens SolidEdge, nTop software.

post produzione

Finishing and post-production processes, surface treatments and customization.

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Our mission

We develop your projects,
accelerating your growth.

A new way of thinking, designing, and improving a project.
And always new manufacturing techniques.

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