SLS Powders

Guide to choosing powders for SLS 3D printing

The Selective Laser Sintering 3D printing technology allows us to bring the polymer powders to temperature and sintering using the heat generated by one or more lasers that can be moved with galvanometers, guaranteeing a surface finish, precision and mechanical characteristics that are difficult to match with other technologies.


PA12 Smooth
Mechanical Properties
PN- EN ISO 527-1:2012 Tensile strength 32 MPa
Tensile modulus -
Elongation at break 10%
PN-EN ISO 178:2011 Flexural strength 62 MPa
Flexural modulus 1024 MPa
PN-EN ISO 868:2005 Shore hardness D 74
Thermal Properties
PN-EN ISO 306:2014-02 Softening point (Vicat, A50) -
- Melting point 185 °C
PN-EN ISO 75-2:2013-06 HDT at 1.8 MPa -
PN-EN ISO 75-2:2013-06 HDT at 0.45 MPa -
Electrical Properties
- - -
Physical Properties
PN-EN ISO 845:2010 Printout Density 0.92 [g/cm³]
- -