Webinars, insights and online demonstrations

FastParts training is part of Crea3D's broader professional training offering: webinars, demo sessions and online and on-site training courses.

 17-04-2024  -   12:00

ULTRACUR3D RG 3280 - The ceramic resin for industrial applications

  • Presentation of RG 3280 ceramic resin from BASF FORWARD AM
  • Optimization of process parameters for DLP printing technology
  • Applications and case studies

 16-02-2024  -   12:00

Metal FFF and the Raise3D MetalFuse system

  • Benchmarking of the main Metal Additive Manufacturing technologies
  • Metal FFF and the Raise3D MetalFuse system
  • nTop software, applications and case studies

 06-12-2022  -   15:30

3D Printing and Reverse Engineering

  • Tools and methodologies for restoration
  • Potential and solutions of Additive Manufacturing for the conservation of cultural heritage
  • Case studies by graduates of the Central Institute for Restoration

 10-11-2021  -   09:30

Additive Manufacturing Plants: the Print Farms

  • Why an additive manufacturing plant?
  • Cloud and remote management systems
  • Examples and case studies

 03-11-2021  -   09:30

Jigs&Fixtures: 3D printed tools for industry

  • The benefits of 3D printing for tools and production aid equipment
  • Guide to the choice of materials
  • Case studies and applications

 15-10-2021  -   09:30

Post-processing for 3D printed parts

  • Added value of post-processing for 3D printing
  • Post-processing categories
  • Focus on the main chemical and thermal treatments

 08-04-2021  -   16:00

[DEMO] 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering

  • How to do a 3D scan
  • Reverse Engineering Operations
  • Live demonstration with Geomagic and SolidEdge software

 05-03-2021  -   09:30

DFAM - Redesign and Product Development

  • Learn about filament and resin 3D printing technologies
  • Discover the impact of applying AM on the Supply Chain
  • Design according to DfAM rules