BCN3D Print Farm: the benefits of the IDEX system

In modern companies, the concept of a print farm refers to an automated solution for additive manufacturing, which leverages a fleet of interconnected 3D printers to produce components efficiently and at scale.

DfAM - Design criteria for FFF 3D printing

Filament 3D printing technology (FFF) provides some design criteria, to be followed in order not to run into problems during the printing phase. Let's discuss some of the DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing) rules in detail.

CAD / CAM / CAE Design

Fast Parts: CAD / CAM / CAE Design

All the works carried out by the Fast Parts design team are characterized by the use of the Solid Edge and Fusion 360 design systems, two highly sophisticated software, ideal for integrating the different phases of the Design and Communication between CAD/CAM processes, also focusing on the "Design for 3D Printing".