Art and Design

Art is constantly looking for new ways to express concepts and challenge conventions, and 3D printing offers new fertile ground for artistic innovation.

Thanks to its ability to create complex three-dimensional objects starting from a digital model, artists can explore shapes, textures and structures that would have been very difficult to achieve with traditional methods. 3D printing allows you to transform ideas into tangible reality quickly and efficiently, opening up a world of expressive possibilities.

In this area, Additive Manufacturing also offers a wide range of innovative materials that can be used to create unique works of art, playing with colors, physical properties and opening up new perspectives creative. For example, translucent materials can be used to create light effects or flexible materials to create interactive works.

The applications that 3D printing opens up in this sector are varied: for example, it allows you to transform a two-dimensional work of art into a three-dimensional one, in order to be perceived even by the blind and visually impaired, making the art world accessible to them; or again, in the context of the restoration of cultural heritage, it is possible to reproduce precisely the missing parts of stone and wooden artifacts, in order to repair damaged works or create museum copies and study objects.

In the product development process, prototyping is essential to test and evaluate an idea or concept. Before 3D printing, prototyping required a slow and almost always iterative and therefore very expensive development phase. Today, however, designers can use 3D printing to quickly create functional prototypes at a significantly lower cost and experiment with innovative and futuristic new geometries, sometimes only achievable with a 3D printer.

The services offered by FastParts guarantee the customer full satisfaction in the creation of finished parts with high level of detail, in order to verify the design studies and present the product concept in an optimal way.


[BANYAN Eco Wall] Fully 3D printed green wall with naturally integrated drainage and irrigation systems


[Oechsler] Lounge chair with lattice structure 3D printed with TPU with SLS technology


3D printed replica of a statue found in the submerged park of Baia, in order to make a concrete cast


Series of monolithic sculptures "Woman as a temple", Kamilia Kard


Aesthetic prototyping of a bicycle frame