Functional prototype of propeller for outboard electric motors

It's the right time to choose to take a pleasant ride with your own tender, perhaps powered by an electric outboard. The advantage is not only economic, due to zero maintenance and lower recharging costs compared to fuel. With an electric outboard you can move silently and in a sustainable way, reducing noise and environmental pollution.

Functional prototyping of a device for the cooling of a motorcycle braking system

In motorsport, conveyors integrated into the bodywork or as appendages have always been used to cool down components particularly stressed. The goal is to keep the temperatures of these components within the optimal working range, ensuring performance, efficiency and durability of the system.

TPA Brianza: 3D printed equipment parts with 17-4 PH filament

TPA Brianza designs and builds special high-tech industrial plants. Their machinery is used in many applications, such as systems and equipment for the construction of turbine stators and rotors, winding lines and assembly equipment for superconductors, digital textile printing and welding plants.

Copertura di motore realizzata in PA6-GF30.

3D printing: NTEK new strength

NTEK is an Italian company specialized in products and services for the measurement and control of noise and the vibrations deriving from it, in all application fields of acoustics.

Within the range of proposed solutions, the dodecahedral sources of the OMNI series stand out, used to uniformly emit a sound in all directions, allowing correct measurement of insulation and reverberation time both in acoustics construction and architectural acoustics.

NTEK has recently revolutionized the production process of the Omni 4” Series by focusing on 3D printing, and entrusting the creation of the new products to Crea 3D, its technological partner also for the development of the design of the new dodecahedrons.